Welcome to my blog. 

I’m Croatian girl that grow up in former Yugoslavia . Our country went into civil war and my husband,our son and I was forced to leave our home country. That is how our journey begun. 

Im going to share details in MY STORY blog.

Now 20 years later I’m calling myself American and we are living American Dream. My husband and I are married for 33 years now and our son gifted us with two beautiful grandkids. 

Purpose of my life is to be wife, mom and grandma and be fabulous doing it. That is why I named my blog fabgrandmaz.

I’m over 50 years old now and there is no reason to let yourself go down with the age . I want to stay comfortable with who I am and use all life experience and knowledge that I have to encourage all women no matter what age to embrace their own style and be confident about. Dress the way to get noticed and still stay within your personal sense of style. Travel to places and enjoy good food and tasty drinks and feel good about.

Hope my blog inspires you to try something new.When you look good you feel good and project confidence.We are role models for new generation of young women.

Follow me on my journey as I share stories  about different wines I tasted, places I discovered and fashion decisions I made along the way.

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